Tuesday, June 21
7:30 am               Arrive Brussels
                               **Take Brussels Airport Express to Bruxelles Midi rail station
                              5.10E/2nd class; 6.7E/1st
                              20 minutes to Bruxelles-Central
                               **Have Benelux pass validated at Train Station before boarding
                              Eurrail  1-800-622-8600
9:26                      Train to Brugge 1530 (from Bruxelles Midi)
                              Arrive 10:25
**Train station is on Stationsplein – 1 mile south of the center of town.  Take bus to hotel Purchase ticket from a De Lijn sales point or buy ticket at automat (ticket machine) before boarding bus.  Enkele rit (one way) ticket is 2E for 2 zones. A dagkaart (day card) costs 6E for 1 day; 12E for 3 days.  Ride any bus marked “Centrum” and get off at Markt stop.
Hotel is on side street just off Bruge’s central canal. 2 km/30 minute walk from train station.  Take bus or taxi.
Hotel:                    The Pand Hotel
                              Pandreitje 16 (across the canal from the Burg)
                              8000 Bruge
                              011-32-50-34-06-66 (US)
                              00-32-50-34-06-66 (Europe)
                              050-34-06-66 (Belgium)
                              Ralph Lauren suite XXX euros/night inclusive (VAT, taxes) –
                              Breakfast not included (22E/pp/day)
Places to Visit:
- The Burg
- Basiliek van het Heilig-Bloed
   Burg 10; 9:30-Noon; 2-6
   *Has fragment of cloth which supposedly is the blood of Christ. 
    Cloth was used to wipe blood from his body after the crucifixion
- Bruggemuseum-Bruse Vrije (Liberty of Bruges)
   Burg 11; 9:30-12:30; 1:30-5
   Go to no. 11A – Renaissance Hall (Renaissancezeal)


Thursday, March 3
8:00       Leave Deerfield
              Drive to Groton (1 hour, 35 minutes)
10:00     Tour Groton (No formal tours but stop by Admissions)
               282 Farmers Row
               Groton, MA  01450
               978-448-7510 (Admissions)
               **Groton starts break 3/5
11:00     Drive to Exeter (1 hour, 16 minutes)
12:30     Tour Exeter – Go by Admissions (no formal tours)
               Admissions Office: Bissell House
               20 Main Street
               Exeter, NH  03883
               603-777-3437 (Admissions)
               **Exeter starts break midday 3/4
1:00       Lunch at Me and Ollie’s
               64 Water Street
               Exeter, NH
2:30       Drive to Andover (45 minutes)
3:30       Tour Andover (No formal tours but stop by Admissions)
               Admissions Office: Shuman Admission Center
               180 Main Street
               Andover, MA  01810
               978-749-4050 (Admissions)
               **Andover starts break 3/10
5:00       Drive to Boston (31 minutes)
Hotel:   Omni Parker House Boston
               60 School Street
               Boston, MA  02108
               Confirmation # 40005390237

So as a Mom, I am definitely a bit OCD. Besides being a multi-tasker, you also have to be a master planner and remember all of the doctor appointments. I think my OCD started to come the day I forgot one of my kid’s doctor appointments. I was driving home from school, most likely on the way to soccer practice, when I remembered that someone had a doctor appointment and I had COMPLETELY forgotten. I frantically called the office to offer my apologies and the excuse I gave the nurse was “I am on mom overload.” She laughed and didn’t charge me for the appointment and gave me a new one the next day. Besides appreciating my honesty, I think she could relate. So my OCD was born.

When we travel, I write down everything. Airline Ticket Numbers, metro schedules, who I made the dinner reservation with. During our list trip to Cabo, I had made a reservation months earlier at the #1 rated restaurant in Cabo. We showed up for dinner excited that we had snagged a much coveted reservation. When we went to check in, they didn’t have our reservation listed. But of course, I pulled out my itinerary with the date I had made the reservation and name of the person I had spoken to. Turned out it was the former manager and our reservation hadn’t been entered properly in the books. Not a problem, they graciously accommodated us.  See, OCD does pay off!!

Give me a call so I can show you samples of our family itineraries. I also have itineraries from our school search trips. I can help with boarding school visits as well as college/university trips.