Family Travel:

1 day                           $50

Weekend (2-3 days)        $125

Week (6-8 days)              $250

2 Weeks                      $500

Over 2 Weeks               **Let’s talk!

 **Fees include assistance with hotels, airlines, dinner, activities and any questions that might arise.

**I do not prepare or apply for Visas but can recommend companies I have used to assist you.

School Visit Travel:

$50/ day planning

*Day begins the first day of travel when you depart (no matter what time) and the last day of travel is when you arrive home (no matter what time) from travel. i.e. If you fly out at 6:00pm on Friday and arrive home at 6:00am Sunday that would be 3 days of travel.


***All fees must be paid prior to Ohh Mom! Travel making any plans. I am happy to make hotel and dinner reservations for you, but you will need to call and give your credit card information. This is the same policy for all activities. My fee is a flat fee – I do not tack on charges to activities. I will work with you to have the best vacation and whether you want to lay by the beach the entire time or have 3 activities a day; I will be there to help you. My recommendations will include hotels where we have stayed and activities that we have done; but sometimes, I will offer suggestions for things to do and places to go that I have not been. I cannot guarantee their services. Travel is an adventure and I hope you will think of these as adventures. I will do my very best to make you happy.

**Extensive and repeated revisions to itinerary may result in additional charges.