Family Travel:

Let me help plan your next family vacation – all of it, not just the hotel and flights. Want to use points to stay in a hotel or book a flight? I can help with that. Want daily adventures for your trip? I can help arrange that! Want suggested itineraries for visits – I can do that also! Greece, Spain, France – here you come!!

School Search Travel:

Do you have a child about to embark on the great challenge of finding the perfect college or university? It can be quite daunting. When my oldest, Olivia, was preparing to look at colleges I found myself overwhelmed in trying to help her. I thought it was important for her to see different schools before applying but had no idea where to start. Once we did find schools that she might like, my head was swimming trying to put it together. Was it better to visit Middlebury (in VT) when we visited Colgate (in NY) or was Middlebury closer to Williams (in MA). Let me help!! After having 3 kids go through the college process, I can help you map out your schedule, make appointments for school tours and information sessions and recommend nearby hotels and inns. If you are looking at New England schools, get a feel for the area by staying in one of the hundreds of beautiful B&Bs that dot the area.


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